Just a brief write up and catch report for our recent visit to Domaine des Iles, in heart of Picardie, Northern France.

This private estate, with secure gates and boundaries, hosts approx 60 acres of water, which contains carp to 60lb+ and catfish around the 100lb mark. The lakes have connecting channels, which depending on water levels, allow the fish to move freely around and makes for great stalking ground for wary carp.

The main lake, which we where bivvied up on, is not the easiest of waters, but it is where the larger fish are generally found. The swims are more than adequate, with sturdy roofed picnic benches, UK power sockets, lighting and a fridge. Making a long session more comfortable. Clean portaloos are close to each swim and there is a main toilet/shower block, again kept clean.


25.00lb DDI mirror

35.00lb DDI mirror


Most of our main lake fish where caught during the night, to a baited area of showing carp, although, the fisheries website reports good catch rates during the day. Most of our day time carp where taken to being stalked from pads and shallows.


Although we had hoped for more captures and to bank larger carp, we had a fantastic time and worked hard, exploring this great venue and the potential it has to offer. The following is a catch report for the two of us,

Mirror Carp –  (night) 34lb, 31lb, 28lb, 24lb, 21lb,      (day) 25lb, 26lb, 15lb, 35lb, 24lb, 26lb, 22lb

Grass Carp –    (night) 34.00lb

Common Carp – (day) 9.00lb, 15lb

Catfish –  64lb, 34lb

For more information on the fishery and contact details visit domaine-des-iles.com